Some videos of our past talks

In search of Northampton Castle

Andy Chapman,formerly a professional archaeologist working with MOLA (previously Northamptonshire Archaeology) gives us an overview of excavations at
Northampton Castle since the 19th century.

Early Modern Witchcraft and the Northampton Witches

Dr Cathy Smith, Dean of Research, Impact and Innovation, University of Northampton explores witchcraft in England in the 17th and 18th centuries and the stories of Agnes Browne Joan Browne (or Vaughan), Arthur Bill, Helen Jenkenson, Mary Barber, Elinor Shaw and Mary Philips from Northamptonshire.

From Viking to Martyr, The Story of St Ragner

Dr Eleanor Parker’s lecture explores the Viking origins of St Raganer and how this links with Northampton and the Senlis family.

St Peters and Sir George Gilbert Scott

Graham Ward provides a biography of the architect who designed the restoration of St Peter’s church in 1851. The presentation offers some research and adds to our understanding of the Victorian restoration.

The Old Black Lion Regeneration Project

Peter Aiers, Director of the Churches Conservation Trust gives the story of how the project came to be and some history of the coaching inn itself. Peter is a happy Northampton resident and has been the inspiration behind this innovative project.

Northampton Before the Conquest

Andy Chapman is a former professional working with MOLA (previously Northamptonshire Archaeology). Andy is now Secretary and Editor of the Journal of the Northamptonshire Archaeology Society. He has dug and studied the archaeology if the County since the 1970s.